Symoné - Founder of Hoop x and Hoop x Dancehall


Symoné is a cabaret and circus performer, working primarily with hula hoops with 6 years experience and a Guiness World Record under her belt. In 2016, she got inspired to mix her love for club and street dances in her performances and got too excited she had to spread her passion to the classroom! With an non-traditional circus background, she believes in pushing her students and making them feel like they can achieve the "impossible".

Symoné's worked in over 8 different countries, from Jamaica with the pop star Omi (you know that catchy pop song, Cheerleader?!) to London's West End. She secretly loves singing "Defying Gravity" from Wicked and publicly enjoys twerking on rollarskates.

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Jay Jay Revlon - Co-founder of Hoop x Vogue


Jay Jay met Symoné in 2014 in his Vogue femme class in Brixton. They instantly clicked and she told him, "we should totally do a project together." Okay, it took two years, but  they finally birthed Hoop x Vogue and have held 5 sell out werkshops. We got there! 


Jay Jay is the leading force in the London Ballroom and queer club community. He's a voguer, DJ, and event promoter. As an instructor, Jay Jay will bring out the best in you, it'll hurt, but you'll shine!

P.S. Jay Jay runs weekly classes on Sundays in Peckham, you should totally go and get a taste of ballroom!

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Cleopantha - Founder of Hoop x Street Dance


Cleopantha is a cabaret performer and professionally trained dancer. She graduated from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2013, one of the Europe's leading dance institutes. After years of working in the commercial industry, Cleo developed an interest in Burlesque and is now renown for fusing contemporary and hip hop dance with striptease.


Cleo is passionate about movement exploration and is a firm believer in channeling energy through dance. For Cleo, class will be an opportunity for students to express themselves and have fun in a supportive environment. It'll also be an opportunity for those to express that inner Beyonce, Britney or Cardi B. Cleo has recently worked with musicians Plan B, Rudimental and Fat Man Scoop. She has also been featured in a Channel 5 Biopic on the life of Michael Jackson.

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